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In 2007, I purchased a 6-month old black & white Persian male kitten from Cozy Kittens for $500, which was a reduced price from the original $1,500. I had to pay $300 for shipping the cat from Missouri via Texas to Florida.

The poor kitten was over 10 hours in flight, and had soiled his shipping container. I got him home and cleaned him up, and took him to the vet within a few days. My vet told me he had a cross-*** and would need to have his right upper canine tooth pulled, because it was boring a hole in his gums on the bottom. Another couple of hundred dollars to the vet.

When I took the kitten to the groomer, again, he soiled his carrier. He also began to defecate on the floor outside the litter box. He continues to do so to this day, except now he is beginning to urinate outside the litter box as well. I now have to have a mobile groomer come to the house at $100 a pop for grooming and shaving, and he has not been back to the vet since I got him in 2007.

I contacted the Johnsons before having the dental surgery, spoke with the husband and explained the problem with the cross-***. He was on the *** of OK'ing the return of the cat, but then his wife got on the phone and nixed the whole thing. I was pissed! I don't know what kind of "loving environment" these kittens are raised in, but I'm guessing it is just another kitten mill with filthy conditions, too many animals and not enough care.

Perhaps the kittens are taken away from their mother too early. This cat is extremely scared and timid, as well, like he was raised alone.

I would never buy from this cattery again, and I recommend that you pass this one up, as well. Buy local -- that way, you can see what you are getting before you pay $300 to have a kitten shipped under horrible conditions.

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I purchased m BABY 4 years ago from Sue Johnson (aka, Cozy Kittens), & he was everything and more than I had hoped for...he's my life, the coolest, most loving baby sad that u didn't have a good experience, but is hard for me to believe that Cozy kittens would sell such an emotional mess of an animal.

just my opinion!


@NcoClub: I never said the cat had been mistreated. I said he wasn't socialized in a loving environment, as advertised.

I'm guessing he spent a lot of time by himself for the first four months of his life. I love my cat, and I wouldn't trade him for the world. My point is that you don't get what is advertised with this cattery. They clean up their kittens for photography, and then apparently don't bother with them afterwards.

My cat was matted up AND soiled when I got him. They don't even do CFA registrations, even upon request.

I'm guessing their cats are not pedigreed. Should be, for the price!


I would like to see a copy of this "health guarantee" and her return/exchange/refund policy.


Cats *** and urinate outside of a litter box for many reasons, not necessarily because they are mistreated. As for the crossbite, why did you not require a vets statement before purchasing that the cat was examined and found healthy? I wouldn't buy a car before I was sure it was in good condition..why would a cat not be treated in the same fashion?

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